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Cryosauna is a therapeutic device using low temperatures, with which the human body is exposed to cold ranging from -120 ºC to -180 ºC for a few minutes. The therapy takes 1 to 3 minutes; during this time, the temperature of the skin surface decreases to 5 ºC. This temperature variation effectively reduces the inflammation and the pain of the joints.


Exercise Electrocardiogram (ECG)

The aim of the exercise electrocardiogram is to find the cause of chest pain, to examine the strength of the heart, the state of the coronaries, the blood supply of the heart, and the background cause of irregular heartbeat. The examination will check the blood supply of the heart, to what extent the coronaries can provide for enough blood in case of unusally large oxygen demand.



Massage does good to both body and soul, it relaxes and fills with energy. Besides, massage contributes to the recovery of certain diseases: Musculoskeletal complaints and muscle pains can be lessened. It is indispensable to the treatment of certain injuries and to their prevention. In injuries, massage speeds up recovery depleting poisonous substances from tight muscles.


Magnetic Resonance (MR)

The 1.5T SIGNA Explorer XT machine, developed and manufactured by GE Healthcare, is one of the most modern magnetic resonance (MR) imaging devices. This MR device with digital 16-channel RF technology is installed with a GE SIGNATMWORKS software application package and with dedicated coils.








Sanitas Services


During our rehabilitation workouts, we help our patients, who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries and sports trauma, to shape up, or who are after surgical operations and wishes to return to sports, to an active life. The task of the rehabilitation trainer is to prepare the human body without pain for greater stress, in such a way that the injured body (part) can again do sports, lead an active life.


In our rehabilitation center, we provide for the most modern diagnostic imaging devices in our region (MRI, X-Ray, Ultrasonography) to make quick and accurate diagnoses.


With the help of highly professional specialists, we provide quick and accurate diagnoses for our patients using modern devices. Attention and professional preparedness characterize our specialties.

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